Book Challenge 2017

Back to Basics

One of my first, distinct memories was in Barnes and Noble, begging my mom for a book. It was an American Girl book following the adventure of Molly McIntire. My argument to my mother was that the book started out around Halloween and since it was October in our lives, it made perfect sense that I must have the book then and there. Sadly, my ploy didn’t work and I had to wait two whole months until it appeared under the Christmas tree. I was around 6 at the time, having just moved to a new state, and 17 years later I have yet to stop making any excuse just to buy a new book.

After highschool I found myself reading for pleasure less and less as work, college, and Netflix took over.┬áNetflix binges have begun to take over since they are an easy way to check out at the end of the day and rather than finding new books to read I’ve been sticking to a few of my favorites (Harry Potter counts as a few right?). Lately though, I’ve missed discovering new books and have found myself rewatching the same old sitcoms on Netflix. After browsing around on Goodreads┬áI noticed they’re yearly book challenge and decided, this year, I would actually commit and set a legitimate, realistic goal. So, without further ado and to spare you from more ramblings, I’ve decided to read 24 books in 2017. The rules :

  • Majority must be new books
  • The occasionally reread is allowed (have I mentioned I love Harry Potter yet?)
  • Some must be outside of my normal, fantasy centric genre

Keep on Reading!