Book Challenge 2017

1 Down

The Magician King by Lev Grossman

The Monday after Thanksgiving in 2015 I found myself alone in an unfamiliar state and a day of travel looming ahead without a single book in my possession. Flying out to Michigan, I had resorted to reading books on the library’s phone app and decided, while convenient, it was definitely not my preferred way to read. Perhaps someday I’ll invest in a Kindle or Nook but at the time, I was desperate. So, without any other ideas, I headed to Barnes and Noble, a place I feel at home regardless of what city I am in. Next thing I knew, I was trying to justify buying three new books and a fancy journal. After some internal debating and a quick look in my wallet, I narrowed it down to two books in the beginning of The Magicians series by Lev Grossman. I managed to finish the first, The Magicians, on my travels and started the second, The Magician King right away. And then the rest of the holidays hit, Netflix summoned, and it was a lost cause for the rest of 2016. Hence, when I decided to tackle a reading challenge in the New Year, The Magician King was quite a natural choice as my first novel to read.

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